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Arcadia In Mayhem - Heebies Jeebies Patch

Arcadia In Mayhem - Heebies Jeebies Patch

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4" Diameter, Limited to 100 of each patch, designed by @ArcadiaInMayhem

Arcadia is the alter ego of Singapore borne Illustrator and artist, Kevin Too.

A Practitioner of Visual Alchemy; Arcadia's work seeks to explore the beauty and whimsicality that is human consciousness; a curiosity led obsession into the vastness of the human psyche. Drawn towards the enigma of perfection, Arcadia's work delves into the obscure; influenced by the grotesque and the macabre, the power of symbology and idealogy, the allure of the vanitas, mythical beings that rule subspace, and the deep caverns of unknown alternate dimensions: a visual melting pot that is his subconsicous.


With iron on backing, Sewing them on is recommended
- so they don't fall off in all that mayhem.

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